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Intelligent Smile Restoration

Valplast is one of the most cosmetic, comfortable and affordable methods of tooth replacement available today. Since 1953 millions of people have discovered the exceptional benefits that Valplast can bring to their appearance and confidence, providing them with something that they can truly smile about.

What if there were a way to replace missing teeth that didn’t involve any expensive surgical procedures? What if there were an affordable method of tooth replacement that didn’t sacrifice aesthetics? What if there existed a partial denture that could actually blend in with your natural dentition so that it appeared invisible in your mouth?

With the introduction of Valplast, nobody has to know that you are missing teeth. For more than five decades Valplast® flexible partials have been the preferred choice of patients looking for a method of tooth replacement that is aesthetic, comfortable and affordable. Valplast® partials cost less than dental implants and dental bridges and they require no surgery or invasive procedures. Compared to traditional metal partial dentures, Valplast® offers better aesthetics, comfort and durability. In fact, Valplast® partials are made from an unbreakable nylon resin and each Valplast® restoration comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and fracture.

It was long thought that removable partial dentures had to be rigid to be effective. The innovation of the Valplast® Flexible Partial allows the restoration to adapt to the constant movement and flexibility in your mouth. This is the underlying thinking behind Valplast’s innovative flexible, removable partial denture. The flexibility, combined with strength and light weight, provides total comfort and great looks!

Valplast® partials are custom-fabricated in a dental laboratory. They are a prescription only product and your dentist can help you decide if they’re right for you. The preparation is relatively simple because your natural teeth don’t need to be altered in any way. The Valplast® partial is virtually invisible because there are no telltale metal clasps, and the material itself blends with the tissue in your mouth so that the only thing that shows is your beautiful smile.

When considering a removable partial, many people find the Valplast® Flexible Partial to be the most comfortable option, and the final restoration can be made very quickly! While the cost may be higher than a partial made with visible metal clasps, the results of the flexible partial are beautiful, and patient satisfaction is very high. The Valplast® Flexible Partial involves only non-invasive procedures, and gives you confidence in your restoration while talking, eating and most importantly, smiling!

Frequently Ask Questions

Will Valplast break under stress?
The Valplast® resin is guaranteed never to break under normal wear and tear for the lifetime of the appliance. This warranty covers the Valplast® resin (pink, nylon material) that is used to make the denture, but not the teeth that are embedded in it. If you feel that your partial may be broken, please contact your dentist first to see how they can assist you. Even in instances where a warranty repair is necessary, your dentist will need to speak to a Valplast representative to find out how we can help to repair or replace the partial. *Please note that Valplast International Corp. does not manufacture artificial teeth or custom made Valplast appliances, which are fabricated in a dental laboratory. This warranty only covers breakage and fracture of the Valplast® resin, and not artificial teeth.
Can I have a tooth added to my Valplast?
Yes you can! Your dentist will have to send the partial to a Certified Valplast® Laboratory to have the tooth or teeth added to it, and you may have to go without your partial for a few days. The partial will come back to you looking brand new, with the new addition hardly visible! Please have your dentist contact us if they need to find a Valplast® laboratory that is capable of providing this service. Sometimes it may be better to have a new denture fabricated than to modify your existing one. Speak to your dentist about which procedure will be suitable for you.
Is Valplast suitable for people with allergies to common dental materials?
Patients that suffer allergic reactions to common dental materials have been using Valplast® restorations for more than fifty years with excellent results. Valplast® is a thermoplastic nylon material which contains no acrylic monomer and a completely metal free coloring agent, making it an excellent choice for patients who suffer allergic reactions to acrylic and metal dental materials. No cadmium or harmful metals are used in Valplast flexible dental resin. Please have your dentist or allergist contact us if you would like us to send them a sample chip of Valplast® resin for testing.
Can Valplast be used for full dentures?
In most situations Valplast is reserved only for partial dentures. Full dentures do require some degree of rigidity in order to stay in place in the mouth and the flexibility of Valplast may not be suitable for the application of a full denture. However, there are some situations where Valplast may be well suited to a full denture application, including patients whom are allergic to denture acrylics, patients that are prone to breaking their acrylic dentures, patients whom can not wear a rigid full denture due to the shape of their mouth, or patients who have dental implants for the purpose of retaining a complete denture. Speak to your dentist about the possibility of wearing a full denture if you have had difficulty wearing a rigid acrylic denture in the past.
How can I register my Valplast appliance?
Valplast appliances that were prescribed after October 1st, 2009 should come with a Valplast Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate contains a unique 25 digit serial number that can be used to register your denture online or by calling (800) 843-2861. Valplast appliances that were prescribed prior to October 2009 do not require registration. Additional information is available on the Register Online portion of Valplast website.
How do I care for my Valplast partial dentures?
You’ll be glad to know that most patients become immediately accustomed to their delicate and light-weight Valplast® restoration. However, you may experience a brief adjustment period, especially if you have never worn a dental appliance before. Should you experience any persistent irritation, please consult your dentist so that he or she can make necessary adjustments to your appliance.

Valplast® restorations, like your own teeth, require care and good oral hygiene. To keep your Valplast® restoration looking and feeling like new, please follow these simple directions:

* Clean your Valplast appliance regularly. Val-Clean® Concentrated Denture Cleaner will safely, quickly, and effectively maintain the cleanliness of Valplast® partials as well as other removable dental appliances. Val-Clean® is available directly from Valplast Support Services, and can be ordered by calling (888) 325-3260 or visiting

* Soak your Valplast® appliance in Val-Clean® for 10-15 minutes a day, or overnight at least three times a week.

* Loose particles can be removed with the use of a sonic denture cleaner, or by placing the appliance under running water. Brushing a Valplast® appliance regularly is not recommended as this may remove the polish and roughen the surface over time. A soft brush (without toothpaste) may be used occasionally to remove any build-up or particles that have developed on your dental appliance.

* If possible, rinse your Valplast® dental appliance after eating to remove any food particles.

* Keep the partial in water or in denture cleaner whenever it is not being worn to keep the surface hydrated.

* Remember to brush your natural teeth and gums regularly as directed by your dentist.

Additional Tips for the Care of Your Valplast Appliance
* Cleanse the Valplast® appliance daily and keep it in water or your cleaner whenever it is not being worn.

* Store brands of denture cleaner are not recommended for cleaning a Valplast® appliance, as they are not effective and may contain ingredients that can damage the Valplast® or its color.

* Toothpaste and toothbrushes may scratch or dull the surface of your Valplast® appliance. Be sure to remove your Valplast® restoration whenever you brush your natural teeth.

* Please keep the appliance out of reach from pets. Dogs and other pets find dental appliances to be attractive chew toys.

* Valplast® appliances are very durable and are designed to give long term performance under normal usage. Please note that the Valplast® base material will resist fracture or breakage better than the synthetic teeth that are embedded in it. Small accidents such as dropping the appliance in the sink or on the floor will not damage the Valplast®, but may cause the teeth to fracture. Please handle the appliance with care.

* Contact your dentist if you experience any discomfort from your dental restoration or if you ever have any abnormality with your natural teeth or gums

Where can I buy Val-Clean Denture Cleaner?
Val-Clean® is available exclusively from Valplast Supply Services, Inc. through their toll-free number and website, Simply call (888) 325-3250 and their friendly staff will be pleased to take your order. For customers outside of the United States a list of international distributors can be found at Val-Clean® is not available in stores at this time.
Will other denture cleaners work with Valplast?
Any other brand of denture cleaner is not recommended for cleaning a Valplast® appliance, as they are not as effective as Val-Clean® and may contain ingredients that could damage the Valplast® or its color.
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